Friday, March 13, 2015

5 Days to Amicalola Lodge

IWe have made it through the packing of our house, leaving our cats in NC, our dog in Kansas, and most of our administrative preparations. We are relaxing in Florida with Muskrat's parents, and we can now count the days on one hand.

The packs are packed, lodge reservations made, and the first quarter of our AWOL Guide is highlighted and footnoted!  We have a short REI list, a drive to Atlanta, and some grocery shopping, and then we begin.

With all the work leading up to stepping foot on the trail, I almost forgot that it was going to be fun. I had a ton of anxiety about leaving our house, and I woke in our RV the morning after we left and told Muskrat we had made a huge mistake, were totally insane, and we needed to call our landlord and move back in.  Instead, we drove to Kansas with our lab Sam, so he could have an extended visit with grandma.

We got to spend some time with my mom, sister, brother-in-law and our nieces and nephew while simultaneously putting bills on autopay and making the necessary administrative changes to live in the woods for 6 months.

Some beach time here in Fort Myers Florida and some detailed seasions with our AWOL guide and suddenly I remembered that we are about to have the most amazing adventure! It's going to be fun! We are going to see places we have only read about, take incredible photos, make new friends, sleep under the stars and enjoy how the world looks at 2 miles per hour!

Even though I'm seeing photos of spring emerging back in DC, and of my friends' lives moving along, I'm feeling a little less attached to the comforts there, and a little more excited about the new experiences ahead.  Good thing too, because 5 days from now, we walk. . . For 2,189.2 miles. . . We walk.

All photos and text copyright 2015, Jennifer Magnuson, All Rights Reserved

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